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    Best Black and Decker Coffee Maker

    Looking for a high-quality coffee maker? Look no further than the Black and Decker coffee maker, featuring advanced features such as a cup-programmable coffee maker, a nonstick carafe plate, and a glass carafe. This machine is convenient, keeps your coffee warm, and is budget-friendly. Its stainless steel design ensures easy preparation of grounds without getting them stuck.

    Top Black and Decker Coffee Makers

    Black & Decker has a wide range of coffee makers with features like programmable timers, automatic shutoff, and digital controls. Here are the top ones in the market today.

    1. Black + Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

    The Black + Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is an excellent budget-friendly coffee machine with all the features you need to make a delicious cup of coffee. It has a glass carafe, a basket-style paper filter, and an adjustable timer for hot, ready-to-serve coffee. It can make up to twelve cups at once, and you can easily customize each cup’s strength or flavor. Cleanup is easy, too, as all parts are dishwasher-safe.

    Key Features: 

    • Black + Decker 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker: an easy-to-use coffee maker from the renowned Decker Corporation featuring an ergonomic and comfortable handle for easy gripping.
    • Comes with programmable features such as auto shutoff and brew strength selection.
    • Convenient measurement markings on the carafe for accurately pouring up to twelve cups of delicious coffee.
    • A permanent filter is included, allowing for a smooth and flavorful cup of Joe every time.
    • A full pot can be prepared in just minutes thanks to its fast brewing technology, while average ratings value it as one of the top coffeemakers on the market.
    • Includes an instruction manual so users can easily get accustomed to their new device and enjoy their favorite beverage immediately.
    • The thermal carafe keeps coffee warm for hours at a time, so you don’t have to worry about reheating your morning cuppa.
    BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup* Programmable Coffeemaker, Black, CM1070B-4
    • 12-Cup Coffeemaker - Fast brewing for up to 12...
    • Vortex Technology Showerhead - The exclusive...
    • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the...

    2. Black And Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker

    The Black & Decker 12-cup Thermal Coffeemaker is an affordable and efficient coffee maker. It has a vacuum-sealed thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours, a showerhead that extracts maximum flavor, and a wide-opening carafe that is easy to clean. This durable machine is an excellent option for those looking for a reliable coffee maker on a budget.

    Key Features:

    • Black and Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker: a powerful coffee maker with an adjustable control panel for easy operation.
    • Featuring a customizable brew option, it’s the perfect way to make your favorite cup of Joe quickly and easily.
    • The black decker coffee maker is built with stainless steel, with rubberized buttons on the quick-touch programming system for added convenience.
    • With an average rating value of 4.2 stars out of 5, you can be sure you’re getting great-tasting coffee time after time.
    • It has an auto shut-off when brewing ends to conserve energy, as well as a keep warm function that keeps your coffee hot for up to two hours.
    • With its sleek design and modern look, this Black and Decker 12-cup Thermal Coffeemaker is sure to be a welcome addition to any kitchen countertop.
    BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker, CM2035B, Digital Controls, EvenStream...
    • QuickTouch Programming - Easily program the...
    • Thermal Carafe - The 12-cup thermal carafe is...
    • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the...

    3. Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

    The Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is an easy-to-use and affordable drip coffee maker. It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee, has a 60-minute auto-shutoff feature, and a durable dura life glass carafe. You can customize the intensity of your coffee using the adjustable brew strength selector, and the 1-4 cup option ensures you get the perfect amount of coffee. Additionally, you can program the coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance to enjoy fresh coffee anytime.

    Key Features:

    • Brew up to 12 cups of your favorite coffee with the Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.
    • Get a perfectly brewed cup every time, thanks to the drip coffee maker’s advanced brewing technique.
    • Enjoy the convenience of easy-grip handles and comfortable pouring with the carafe included.
    • The stainless steel pot ensures optimal heat retention, giving you full flavor in every cup.
    • The compact design helps maximize counter space, while a water reservoir makes it easy to fill quickly.
    • With an instruction manual included, you’ll be able to start making delicious coffee right away.
    • Experience fast and efficient brewing with the Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – a reliable Decker product that will become your go-to for daily use!
    BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, CM1160B-1, Programmable, Washable Basket...
    • QuickTouch Programming - Easily program the...
    • Digital Controls with Rubberized Feel - Large,...
    • Sneak-a-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the...

    4. Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker CM618

    The Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker is an amazing appliance with a cup-programmable coffee maker and “Sneak A Cup” technology. It has an accurate filling system and comes with a 16-ounce thermal mug. Whether you prefer one great morning cup or multiple cups throughout the day, this coffeemaker has everything you need.

    Key Features:

    • Compact and stylish Black & Decker Single Serve Coffee Maker designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time; perfect for people who enjoy a single cup of hot, delicious coffee.
    • Includes a permanent and reusable mesh filter that can be easily cleaned so you can enjoy your favorite coffee without the hassle of paper filters.
    • 16-ounce cup capacity lets you make delicious, freshly brewed coffee every morning.
    • The easy-grip mug ensures safe and comfortable handling when pouring; stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting use and durability.
    • The water reservoir is conveniently located on top for easy refilling; it includes a water setting for quick, convenient brewing options.
    • For convenience, the model handles both pods and pre-ground coffee
    • Budget-friendly coffee maker with an intuitive design for easy setup and operation; suitable for any kitchen countertop or office desk space.
    • Incorporates advanced technology such as automatic shutoff when brewing is complete to maximize energy efficiency.
    BLACK+DECKER CM618 Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black
    • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or...
    • Fabric Type: Plastic, Stainless Steel

    5. BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker

    The BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker is a budget-friendly option that quickly brews up to five cups of fresh coffee in minutes. It features a programmable design, a top-rack dishwasher-safe filter basket, and a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee hot for hours. With an auto brew cycle and other useful features, this is one of the best budget-friendly coffee makers available today.

    Key Features:

    • Quicktouch Programming: BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker features an easy-to-use interface with QuickTouch programming, so you can just set it and forget it.
    • Thermal Carafe: With a thermal carafe included, you can keep your coffee hot for up to four hours without any power needed.
    • Durable Glass Carafe: The BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee Maker is equipped with a durable glass carafe that is designed to last the test of time and provide consistently fresh cups of coffee.
    • Brew Cycle: The 12-cup programmable brew cycle ensures that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection every time.
    • Warming Plate: Keeps your freshly brewed pot of coffee warm for up to two hours after brewing has completed and allows you to enjoy your favorite beverage at its optimal temperature.
    • Stainless Steel Design: This stylish stainless steel design looks great on any kitchen countertop, adding a modern touch to your home décor.
    • Easy Clean-Up: Thanks to the removable filter basket and the dishwasher-safe parts, clean-up after use is quick and hassle-free.
    BLACK+DECKER CM0700BZ 4-in-1 5-Cup Coffee Station Coffeemaker, Black
    • Sneak-a-Cup Feature - This feature temporarily...
    • Space-Saving Compact Design - Perfect for...
    • Removable Filter Basket - Cleanup is easy with the...


    Other BLACK & DECKER Machines

    BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Mill and Brew Coffe Maker, CM5000B, 24-Hour Programble, Built-in...
    • Streamlined Grinding and Brewing - Fresh coffee,...
    • Whole Beans or Grounds - Brew your favorite cup,...
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    Black+Decker Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug,15 ounce Black/Beige,...
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    • Automatic Shutoff - The coffeemaker turns off...
    • Travel Mug Included - The 15-oz. travel mug is...
    BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker with Glass Carafe, White, DLX1050W
    • QuickTouch Programming- Easily program the 24-hour...
    • Digital Controls - Intuitive operation and...
    • Sneak-A-Cup - This feature temporarily stops the...


    Whether you’re a coffee lover or need your morning cup of joe, Black and Decker’s coffee makers are a great choice. Thanks for reading our guide on the best Black and Decker coffee maker. We hope you found it helpful in choosing the right machine for your needs. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us – we’d love to hear from you.


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