10 Gifts for the Coffee Lovers in Your Life

Serious coffee drinkers don’t just consider their morning joe a means of survival, but a way of life. They’re particular about every detail, from the origin of the beans and method of brewing to the cup they use every day. As the season of giving draws nearer, here are the best gifts for coffee lovers this year.

Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker

Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker

If your coffee-loving companion doesn’t already have a preferred pour-over, here’s an incredibly chic glass coffee maker with a stainless steel filter. It comes with a large cork stopper to keep the contents hot and can hold a liter of coffee at a time—perfect for caffeinating a crowd.

Buy it: Glass Pour-Over Coffee Maker, $85 from CB2

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Single Serve Pour Over Coffee Dripper

Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

For the impatient coffee lover who can’t resist their morning pour-over, this little OXO device is what their life is missing. Just add ground beans and hot water to the contraption, and let the coffee maker do the rest. The auto-drip tank controls the flow of water, so you don’t have to stand around with a kettle to pour, swirl, wait, and repeat.

Buy it: OXO Good Grips Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Dripper, $16 on Amazon

Stainless Steel French Press

Stainless Steel French Press

Aside from having a strong, clean look, this French press has a two-screen system to keep the brew grit-free—a common complaint of coffee made in a French press. The double-wall construction is also great for keeping the contents hot for a long time, and honestly, it’s just a useful product for doing all sorts of tasks (like frothing milk and rinsing grains!).

Buy it: SterlingPro Double-Wall Stainless Steel French Press, $30 on Amazon

Stelton Collar Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

Did you know that coffee tastes better when it takes a bit of manual labor to prepare? Or if that logic doesn’t hold up, a handheld grinder is incredibly handy if you make your coffee at the crack of dawn and don’t want to wake up your whole house. Either way, the exceptional grounds, arm workout, and compact size of this Stelton coffee grinder make it an excellent gift.

Buy it: Stelton Collar Coffee Grinder, $90 at Huckberry

Tin Coffee Canister

Tin Coffee Canister

If a great pride is taken in the selection of coffee beans, then a similar pride should be taken in storing them. This minimalist, three-piece design is made of natural tin and comes with a gold plated scoop. A canister like this definitely screams “I care about my coffee. A lot.”

Buy it: Kaikado Tin Coffee Canister, $275 from Need Supply Co.

Rainbow Mug Set

Rainbow Mug Set

A mug for everyone! Designed by notable Italian designers Massimo and Lella Vignelli and produced by Heller, this set of mugs made of thick, durable, BPA-free polymer will impress any modern art lover and and color enthusiast. Suitable for hot coffee and cold brew, they are dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Included are purple, blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow mugs.

Buy it: Heller Rainbow Mugs (Set of 6), $60 from Design Within Reach

Coffee Service Set

Coffee Service Set

If those colors are too much, this coffee mug set from Japanese brand Kinto is of the tasteful, understated variety. The porcelain and stainless steel collection comes with a stackable pot, two mugs, a brewer, and a strainer. Every piece has a double-wall construction and is dishwasher-safe. Plus, everything but the strainer can be used in the microwave.

Buy it: Kinto Faro Mug Coffee Service Set, $88 from Need Supply Co.

Bodum Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker

Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker

For some Dexter’s laboratory vibes, this science-y coffee maker consists of a double-stacked brewer that works like a vacuum. It seals off when brewing so none of the flavors escape. It turns making a cup of coffee into a form of visual entertainment, but it does it really quickly too.

Buy it: Bodum Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker, $126 on Amazon

Driftaway Coffee Sampler

Single Origin Coffee Sampler

Brooklyn-based coffee roaster Driftaway’s subscription service is all about connecting people to their coffee farmers and giving those farmers sustainable lives. They also source incredibly delicious coffee. This sampler pack includes four coffees from around the world; each bag of beans is four ounces, so your coffee lover will be able to enjoy them before they go stale.

Buy it: Driftaway Single Origin Coffee Sampler (Set of 4), $27 from Food52

Instant Coffee tubes

Instant Coffee Tubes

Is there anyone in your life who carries a pocket knife or can tie complex knots? This is the ultimate MacGyver-type coffee gift. It’s instant coffee at the intersection of brilliant and convenient. Made by Sudden Coffee with single-origin beans roasted by Equator Coffee & Teas, the gift set is packaged in compostable tubes with recyclable caps. It all comes in a cloth cinch bag to carry.

Buy it: Equator Coffees & Teas Instant Coffee (6-Pack), $20 from Huckberry

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