Descaling – The Key to A Better and Longer Lasting Coffee Maker

Descaling is the process of removing scales from your coffee maker. Read further for simple DIY steps to get rid of scales from your coffee maker

So, what is the story?

coffee maker scale

There is nothing more fulfilling to a barista than a freshly brewed pot of coffee each morning. Coffee keeps you caffeinated and ensures that you start off your day with a positive attitude and the right amount of energy, to tackle your challenges. But most people fail to return this favor.

Some forget to clean their coffee makers, while others simply do a partial shoddy job. One of the things that people neglect to remove from their coffee machines is scale, which is caused by the repeated use of hard water in brewing coffee.

This eventually reduces the performance of your coffee maker, alters the taste of their coffee with each brewing cycle and eventually cause it to get damaged.

There is a way to remove this scale from your machine, hence the name descaling.


How to Perform Descaling on your coffee machine

Before we get off to curing this menace, let us first consider the preventive measures.

Most people simply fetch water from their taps and load it into the coffee maker. With the intention that the action of heat will purify the water and produce some sweet, healthy, safe water to drink coffee.

However, the water from taps is mostly hard water, and it is what cause the scaling of your coffee maker. The best preventive measure is to use distilled water when making your coffee.


Now, here is the deal!

Descaling should be done first thing in the morning, before the coffee maker has been used. This is because it is essential for the machine to be at room temperature from the beginning of the process.

Insert a new filer in the machine, then fill it halfway with a solution of distilled water and white vinegar or use a descaling solution.

Allow the mixture to brew for some time, then pour it out. Do this process twice over then allow the machine to cool.

Replace the filter with another one then brew a single cycle of distilled water through the coffee maker then pour the liquids out.

Repeat the process at least twice more to ensure that all the vinegar is removed from your coffee maker.

You can make a pot of coffee to be discarded. This is simply to wipe out the taste of vinegar from your coffee maker.

After this, your machine should be back to making good tasting coffee!


There are observations to note during the Descaling exercise!

  1. The first is to ensure that you stick to the guidelines within your manual that dictate the terms of your machine’s warranty.
  2. The other is to ensure that your vinegar solution does not exceed 50% as this will cause a near permanent taste in your coffee maker and your coffee.
  3. Descaling should be done every three months to ensure that your device remains in perfect condition and your coffee tastes just how you like it.


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