Pill in Zyi's drink

Teenager on a Night out Cautions Others of Drink Spiking when She located a Sleeping’ pill in the base of her drink

A teen has alerted others on a spiking problem currently going on, after she found one blue pill in her drink.

19 year old Zyi Granger, had been on a night out when she abandoned her vodka and squirt unattended to go to the loo.

She states she took a little sip of her drink after she returned but did not detect anything was wrong until she seen the pill inside her glass.

‘About 30 minutes after I went outdoor and my buddies were talking leaving so then I put down my drink for approximately 30 minutes on a seat beside the exit to inspect time in my mobile cell phone.

‘As we were leaving that I took a little sip of my drink and explained I needed to go to the rest room quickly.

‘The light had been in the restroom, so it’s like I went to finish my drink only to see the pill at the base, and then I snapped out.

‘I shot the photos and told me my pals. One of my buddies went the pub and began screaming, asking if anybody had noticed anything.

‘You will find a few elderly guys in black coats close to the drink once I placed it down however it might have been anybody.’

Zyi along with her pals consider the pill to be a sleeping pill of some kind.

‘It was not Viagra like a few folks believed having seen the images,’ she explained. ‘And it. I handed over the drink .’

Granger drink


Zyi stated she has not reported the incident to authorities.

‘The odds of catching the individual who did it isn’t really large,’ she explained. ‘I would rather raise consciousness about it since this happens a good deal in Penzance. .’

‘It occurred to me earlier. I had been spiked in a festival. And I was really influenced by that ‘

She earmarked ‘I had been speaking to a few buddies and this occurs frequently in Penzance.

‘My buddy got spiked a week ago, while my mum was spiked, and yet another friend had LSD induced in his.

‘A few folks let some Facebook comments and stated they were affected sometimes this past year, so it feels like a couple of men and women are going about doing it in the present time.

‘Personally, I believe that the motive is it certainly wasn’t bliss – therefore it is to make you oblivious of what is happening so that they could take you home, essentially.

‘So make an effort to not leave your cocktail anyhow, and should you set your drink down, inspect it carefully’

Authorities stated Cornwall and Devon had about 76 cases in 2017, thus doubling that of 2016. 2015 had 4 cases reported.

Source (Daily Mail)






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