Cold Brew Coffee Maker

How do you make Cold Brew Coffee

The process of preparing cold brew coffee to perfection, has led to huge chunk of old coffee varieties to be forgotten. Over the years, we have known coffee to be brewed and served hot, with steamed milk poured in an artistic manner. 


So, what is the story here?

This may not be far from the truth that the trend is gradually shifting among millennials. Hence, to keep up with this dynamic generation, a barista needs to possess the right knowledge and skill to use a cold brew coffee maker.

The melting of polar ice caps and the resulting temperature increase, has made it necessary to find a drink that can provide the necessary chill the body needs. In other words, this reason and more, is why people are gradually shifting from the culture of consuming hot coffee, to cold brew coffee and iced coffee. Even more, this method of using a cold brew coffee maker is quick and saves time. One can even make a big batch over the weekend, and straining it the next morning, and then stocking it in the fridge for use all week.

cold brew coffee

Ice Coffee vs Cold Brew coffee

With this in mind, lets take a closer look on the difference between an iced coffee and a cold brew coffee. As the name alludes, an iced coffee is a hot brewed coffee poured over ice, while the latter is a ground coffee steeped in cold water and strained. And with this clear and the grounds already set, we can then proceed on this journey of how to cold brew coffee to perfection.


How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Lets start with the ingredients, which is at the core of the whole process. So, 1 cup of whole beans (4 ounces or 113 grams) will be needed. It can be the Robusta or the Arabica variety, as the type of the beans doesn’t really matter. Dark roast or medium roast can be used. Generally, the properties of the beans don’t really mean as much. As we go further, we will touch on that, so do not fret yet.

The next ingredient of course is water. 4 cups of water (32 ounces or 907 grams) is just as good for the entire process. Then next is the needed equipment.

First is the coffee or spine grinder, to change the state of the beans to the desired one.

Second is a small strainer, to separate the grounds from the drink.

Third is the bottle, for storing the cold brew coffee till consumption or sale.

Fourth is Cheese cloth or cotton flour sack cloth, to serve as a sieve.

Then finally, a 1 1/2-quart glass or ceramic or plastic container to steep the drink.

The steps in making a cold brew coffee at home is further summarized below.

We will elaborate each under the methods section.

  1. Coarsely grind the coffee
  2. Combine the coffee and water
  3. Step overnight
  4. Strain the coffee
  5. Store the coffee
  6. Serve the coffee


Methods: Detail steps in making a cold brew coffee

  1. Set your coffee or spice grinder to the most-coarse setting and check the output before doing the full grind – you are looking to maintain uniformity like breadcrumbs. Any finer, and you risk cloudy, grimy-tasting coffee. You should have just under 1 cups of grounds.
  2. Sterilize a large mason jar (or any large receptacle with a lid). Transfer the coffee grounds to the container you are using, to make the cold brew and work to roughly a 1:8 coffee-to-water ratio
  3. Stir gently with a long-handled spoon until well combined, then cover and leave too steep for 12-14 hours either in or out of the fridge. Note, that this steeping time vary among different cold coffee makers.
  4. When brewed, line a small strainer with the cheese cloth or flour sack cloth, to remove the larger grounds. Discard these, and then tuck either your muslin or few sheets of paper towel into the cleaned sieve, and strain back into the jar. Repeat two or three times, until you see no murky residue at the bottom after pouring. In all, when your grind is too fine, some particles will remain no matter what.
  5. Serve over ice with milk and sugar, if that’s your thing. Also, diluting the coffee with may be needed with milk or water if needed.
  6. Cover and refrigerate the rest – When stored properly, it can stay good for a month, because of the brew’s low acidity.



Prep time: 10 minutes

Steeping time: 12-14hrs

Yield: 3 Cups


Tips for Success
  • Make sure the beans are coarsely ground: Beans ground to a sandy like powder, may result in an over-infused coffee, and make the strained drink gritty and muddy. Sincerely, no one wants to drink that. Your beans should look like coarse cornmeal or even slightly rougher.
  • Use filtered water if possible: This is applicable to coffee in general and a very good advice. As such, your cup of coffee will have a cleaner, sweeter flavor if filtered water is used in the brewing process.
  • Steep for at least 12 hours: Steeping time vary among brewers, but the minimum discussed here is 12 hours. The time can be cut short, but don’t be stingy with it. Coffee needs the full time to fully infuse with the water. Equally, straining too early can give you a weaker cup of coffee. Over steeping, which can start to extract some of the bitter flavors were hoping to avoid. 
  • Chill the cold brew coffee with coffee ice cubes. Quick question, do you want a totally undiluted coffee experience? Make coffee ice cubes to chill your cold brew coffee?

In summary, cold coffee brewing with long infusion process, tend to slowly pull all the great coffee flavor from the ground beans, and thus leaving behind the undesirable bitter compounds.

How do you make Cold Brew Coffee
Now, The best part..!

It wouldn’t be totally wrong to say that making a brew is an essential part of everyday life. Coffee is the most vital part of the morning to help people kick-start their day. Coffee is very beneficial to people for many reasons. It’s tasty, fresh and gives you energy when you most need it.

We have narrowed down our tried & tested best 10 cold brew coffee makers in today’s market; from classic bean grinders to drip coffee makers. With advancement in technology, cold brew coffee maker is gaining a tremendous popularity.

We keep in mind that the best coffee brew maker 2018, need to be in an affordable price range. Testing a variety of cold brew coffee makers, gives complete confidence that the best of the best is chosen. Whatever budget you have or which coffee recipe you’re after, there will be something for everybody. One thing is for certain, the best cold brew coffee maker 2018 we have provided, are not expensive, but they are affordable and of high quality for the price range. If you’re after a big tank, you may consume and throw away more coffee than you would have liked, so that’s something to be aware of. A small tank, may fit your daily need in other to avoid wastage.


10 Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker 2018

Bean Envy Cold Coffee Maker

Bean Envy Cold Coffee Maker

The Bean Envy coffee products are of highest quality and in-turn delivers the best quality coffee. Bean Envy Cold Coffee Maker is designed with Stainless Steel precision cut filter, silicone BPA-free lid, shock resistant borosilicate glass, and with a patented non-slip base design.

Although, all other coffee companies strive to deliver high-quality coffee, Bean Envy offer something different. The Bean Envy Cold Coffee Maker provides cold brew coffee-lover perfection. Patent approved silicone non-slip base, that minimizes slipping, dripping and reduces condensation. This cold brew coffee maker design is unique, and truly represents Bean Envy products. The coffee brewing process is simple; add water, grounds and let the coffee maker do the rest. It’s fast in brewing and only takes up to 12 hours in all. This means that the coffee can be made and kept overnight, and ready for the morning.

Freshness is maintained with a durable silicone cap that keeps coffee fresh for over 7 days, when refrigerated. The perfect cold brew coffee is delivered with 100% no acidity, and maintains its taste even when removed from the fridge.


  • Cold brew coffee made with no acidity
  • Taste is concentrated and maintained
  • Shock resistant glass to maintain durability
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Maintains freshness for 7 days

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker

The Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea maker is a perfect choice for the hot summer, to enjoy the best Iced Tea or Coffee. It is designed to speed up the process of making iced tea, to keep it nice and cold within 10 minutes. This cold brew coffee maker can be purchased with 1 Quart or 2 Quart. It is more recommended to buy the 1 Quart to avoid any coffee wastage. 2 Quart may incur wasted coffee if not consumed early after its period of freshness ends and it starts to go off.

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker is strong and sturdy, so sturdy that it is virtually impossible to break it. It’s one of those sturdy products where if you break it, it becomes difficult to replace. In addition to strength, the product is versatile in producing both hot and cold brew coffee. With a non-slip silicone handle, it is comfortable to hold while drinking and pouring. This cold brew coffee maker, is designed in a way which guarantees no spillage.

It is built with BPA-free Tritan and chills freshly brewed tea within seconds. The freshness, the eccentric flavor, and its nutrients, are all shielded inside to give you the ultimate quality taste when you open the flask. Equally, this cold brew coffee maker can produce tasty fruit smoothies, or add alcohol to that fruit cocktail with the built-in fruit infuser. In all, it is dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned.


  • BPA – Free
  • Strong, sturdy and comfortable to hold
  • Incredibly strong borosilicate glass for amazing durability
  • Easy to clean, hand-wash and dishwasher

Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The appearance of the Oxo Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes up trumps. It is stylish, has built-in and removable components, well designed and BPA-Free. The Oxo Coffee Maker comes with two reusable wool paper filters, for effective filtering, a silicone seal to keep your beverage fresh and hot for an extended period. Equally built with strong Borosilicate glass, and an ultra-stainless-steel reusable mesh filter.

Has an easily accessible power button to start and stop the filtration process.  The cold brew coffee from the Oxo, is free from any acidity, and the brewing process often lasting between 12 and 24 hours. The Oxo Grip cold brew coffee maker is simple to use. If you’re a casual drinker, this is probably not the recommended product.  It is purely designed to make numerous cups.


  • Keeps coffee fresh for longer periods
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Simple usability for effective coffee making
  • Stylistic design

Kungroo Airtight Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Kungroo Airtight Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

For delivering fresh and tasty coffee, the Kungroo Airtight Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is well designed. Mostly plastic, it is built with strong and sturdy borosilicate glass and BPA- free. It makes both iced coffee, tea, hot and cold brew coffee. This coffee maker has a high precision stainless steel infuser, that keeps the grounds away from your coffee, and ultimately keeping the coffee fresh for at least 2 weeks. Its delicious coffee is made with low acidity, and is leak-proof because of the removable stainless steel infused filter, lid, and airtight silicon sealer.

Kungroo Airtight Glass Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker is built with no plastics, inside or out, is excellently durable and stylish. What’s so great about this coffee maker, is the heavy lid with a gasket that fits in the diffuser tightly. The huge 32oz carafe tank ensures that large quantity of coffee can be brewed at a go, thus making it suitable for large households. Equally, it is easy to clean and is dishwasher durable. The coffee maker is compact in size and can easily be kept refrigerated, with no fear of spillage or dripping.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Stainless Steel infuser to deliver smooth coffee
  • Easy to replace filters
  • Filters out coffee grounds instantly with its infuser
  • The body makes coffee smoothly
  • No plastic and is fully BPA Free

Kitchen Aid KCM4212SX Coffee Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Kitchen Aid KCM4212SX Coffee Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Kitchen Aid KCM4212SX Coffee Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is a beautiful design with a large tank, that makes up to 14 cups of coffee for a single serving. Enjoys the smooth, rich flavored KCM4212SX Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. It is simple to use, pour and to clean. The coffee maker is made of a solid re-usable stainless steel, with a streamlined design and fill-level indicators on Borosilicate glass. This brewer can make up to 28oz of coffee, that you can be stored for up to 2 weeks. Stored drink will still be fresh, still smooth & still rich in flavor. The 14 cups per serving, ensures that there is enough drink to go round.

Kitchen Aid Coffee Brushed Stainless Steel Coffee Maker is durable for both tea and coffee. The stainless-steel container ensures that the coffee maker does not smell after use. In all, cleaning is easy, but hardly needed. The removable tank comes with a coffee filter, to make it easily cleanable and reusable for the next batch of coffee.


  • Stainless Steel Tap makes it simple to pour
  • Reusable stainless-steel steeper
  • Can produce coffee for up to two weeks before re-preparation
  • Sleek design with a large capacity

Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker can hold a whopping 40 ounces of water, including 16 tablespoons of coffee grounds to produce no-acidic, flavored and rich coffee. This coffee maker is heavy in nature, standing at 51-ounces and built with borosilicate glass carafe. It has a fine mesh removable filter to hold your coffee grounds, and then filtered separately from your cold brew serving. The brew it produces is incredibly smooth and filters excellently. Quality product is the deriving factor behind the reviews this product has been receiving. It has a silicone gasket lid for drip-proof protection, with an extra filter to scoop out any bad flavorings. It is 100% BPA Free, dishwasher usable and easy to clean.

Pace Cold Brew Coffee Maker has the ability to produce grounds that are 65% less acidic, even after sitting in the refrigerator for 24 hours. In all, it has an all round capabilities ’s serving capabilities, whether you are pouring from from the carafe or transferring your cold brew to another container. 


  • Silicone gasket top to prevent dripping proof
  • Cold brew stays fresh for up to 2 weeks
  • Protective plastic holder for a comfortable hold
  • BPA Free and easy to clean

Willow & Everett Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Willow & Everett Sealing Cold Brew Coffee Maker

With a 1.5-quart capacity, the Willow and Everest sealing cold brew coffee maker is an excellent choice for a large household. This coffee maker offers a rich flavored, tasty cold brew coffee, and is reasonable cheap.

The 1.5-quart capacity is better known as 32-ounces of cold brew. This coffee maker is accompanied by an air-tight silicone seal lid that slows oxidation rates. Thus, keeping the flavor strong for up to two weeks, when refrigerated. The Willow and Everest sealing cold brew coffee maker comes with a high-quality dual-mesh filter, that filters the coffee before your pour. The maker is made of shatterproof glass and stainless steel, that keeps it strong all the time. It will take something special to break the glass of this cold brew coffee maker. In all, it is also very affordable and BPA-free. 


  • A big reservoir for the large household
  • Keeps flavor strong for more than 2 weeks when refrigerated
  • Basic and simple to use
  • BPA-Free and Affordable

Craft Connections Co Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit

Craft Connections Co Cold Brew Coffee Maker Kit

There are many varied sizes to choose from for the Craft Connections Co Cold Brew Coffee Maker kit, and is known among the best as the most valued iced cold brew coffee. Keep reading if you enjoy brewing your cold coffee to perfection.

This Cold brew Coffee Maker kit has a super cool design, that is accompanied by a stainless-steel basket which fits into the 1-quart canning jar. It can be bought at 32oz or 64oz. The durable mason jar is the feature that really stands, as It is cleaner and stronger even when refrigerated. subtle difference exists between this maker and other. Most cold brew coffee makers, requires you strain the coffee grounds through paper and cloth filters, and clean up the mess after. But with this one, you simply take out the metal canister, drip out the quality coffee, and bin the excess grounds and wash.

The Craft Connections Co Cold Brew Coffee Maker is very efficient in brewing coffee, and it is completely BPA-Free and easy to clean by a dishwasher. Similarly, the mason jar kit is stronger than borosilicate glass, and keeps chemicals away from your coffee.

With an airtight lid, you have no worries over spillage.


  • Strong mason jar kit that is shatterproof and strong
  • An airtight lid that prevents spillage
  • Eye-Catching design
  • Simple cleaning & dripping of coffee

Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker looks attractive, but is built with a full plastic outer frame and plastic plunger, to protect the stainless steel and silicone material inside. It has two lids, one for overnight refrigeration and a plunger lid to press the coffee grounds down towards the bottom. There is no distinct filter to filter the beans away from the coffee brew, but the flavor will remain strong and tasty. Cold brew coffee is tastier than the hot brew.  The average number of coffee cups the coffee maker holds is 12 cups, and used with 6 tbsp. of coffee grounds, and 10 tbsp for 12 cups of cold ice brewed.

Bodum Bean Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows for up to 12 to 24 hours for the coffee to steep, and can last 2 weeks delivering one cup a day,  or 3 to 4 cups a day for more than one person in the household. Simply dump the grounds in, let it sit and then add water.


  • Attractive and solid on the external to protect the stainless steel
  • Perfect for hot and cold coffee making
  • No paper filters, which means more flavor without wastage
  • BPA Free plastic
  • Outer-rim protects from over-spillage

Takeya Patented Airtight Silicone 1 Quart Coffee Maker

Takeya Patented Airtight Silicone 1 Quart Coffee Maker

Takeya Patented Airtight Silicone 1 Quart Coffee Maker specializes in the hot brewing process, that often releases acids or oils from the coffee. The coffee produced by this maker is concentrated and acid-free, fresh and can be drunk even after 2 weeks. The airtight leak-proof maintains the freshness for a long period. However, when pouring grounds in the filter, it tends to spill as there is no sealing lid to stop the leakage. Extra ingredients you can add includes cream and sugar, to make your coffee taste the way you want it to.

The Takeya Patented Airtight Silicone 1 Quart Coffee Maker is simple to use, and medium coffee grounds are recommended to squeeze out the acids and keep the grounds down. In all, this cold brew coffee maker is very affordable and saves you some money in the long term.


  • Specializes in hot brewing
  • Maintains freshness and keeps coffee acid free
  • Positive response for concentrated coffee
  • Filters acids and grounds to maintain freshness and flavor


From these eccentric, highest quality brew coffee makers, we sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed your way picking through our customary tried and tested best 10 cold brew coffee makers, that deliver the freshest, most delicious and excellent quality coffee.

Coffee is, not just tasty in many forms, it has become a necessity for many people, who like a brew to take with them on their way to work. Some prefer a cold brew on the sofa at night, among many other reasons to have a fresh brew coffee. For busy professionals, coffee can deliver that kickstart you need to start your day, while for others, there are so many kinds of brew flavors, they can enjoy on a normal relaxing day.

So, how did we test the best 10 cold brew coffee makers? What we look for in the best coffee makers are its features and the process of coffee making. Ultimately, delivering the best coffee includes the most efficient filters, the lowest acidic brew preparation, stylistic design for appeal, silicone caps and cases for no dripping or spillage. In addition, a sturdy and strong external for handling.

However, which ever way you choose to enjoy your coffee, the best 10 cold brew coffee makers we have identified will help you achieve your aim. Identify which cold brew coffee maker is the right one for you? Let us know! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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