MOOD FOOD Coffee, dark chocolate and grapes put smiles on our faces but donuts, fizzy drinks and burgers are downers

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COFFEE, dark chocolate, and grapes put smiles on our faces but donuts, fizzy drinks, and burgers are downers.

The happy food list, from a poll of 2,000 people, also includes eggs, berries, and oranges.

But cake, white bread, and sweets surprisingly make people feel sad.

And it takes just 16 minutes after eating any of these items for you to notice a tangible effect on your mood, the survey reveals.

More than half of adults admit some foods make them feel good while eating them but bad shortly afterward.

More than a third said that they would often rely on different choices to improve their mood.

Yet, ten times a month on average, people eat something and then realize afterward it has brought down their mood.

The poll also shows that half think eating different-colored foods can affect their mood.



Hayley Mudgett, from healthy eating food brand Kallo, which commissioned the survey, said: “Taking a more natural approach to your diet can have a positive impact on overall wellbeing.”

And she added: “Foods high in salt or fat — such as burgers, pizza, and chips — come out high on the list of foods that adults think to make them feel worse.

“Whereas fresher foods — such as fruits, nuts or simple unprocessed snacks — are likely to leave them feeling better for eating them.

“By eating more naturally, we are not just re-charging our bodies we are re-charging our minds and souls, too.”

A fifth of those questioned has given up on their New Year resolutions by now.

More than a quarter admit they are struggling with the cold and grey January weather.

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