Breville® Barista Pro Espresso Machine


  • Breville Barista Pro Espresso Machine makes a great coffee with a proper balance of sweetness, bitterness, and acidity
  • A homemade barista that delivers third-wave specialty coffee with a single touch as the built-in grinder with dose control delivers the right amount of coffee on demand for maximum flavor
  • The innovative ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds with the instantaneous transition from espresso to steam
  • Includes a 15-bar Italian-made pump, manual micro-foam milk texture, and automatic adjustable water temperature for making the ideal espresso
  • Achieve a consistent and balanced espresso using the right amount of ground coffee
  • Espresso Machine that lets you know when it needs a cleaning
  • The cleaning and drip tray alerts make routine maintenance low-maintenance
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Free delivery
  • 2,400+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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