HeyMillion Coffee Mug Warmer


  • Whether you prefer to drink tea, cocoa, or coffee, the HeyMillion Coffee Mug Warmer can help you drink it at your preferred temperature at all times
  • It has a two-level adjustable temperature that lets you choose between hot and warm by pressing the button on the right
  • This unit has a default setting of 8 hours that sees it go off automatically to ensure it cannot cause accidents in case you forget to switch it off
  • It is accompanied by a 55-inch power cord that is long enough for you to use just about anywhere
  • This mug warmer is lightweight and compact to enable you to carry it in one hand or pack it conveniently for a weekend getaway
  • It is noise-free enabling you to use it in the office you share with your colleagues without the worry of disturbing them
  • This mug warmer is multifunctional to enable you to use it as a candle warmer when you need the fragrance to fill the room while you rest
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  • Buy with confidence!!
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