Instant Dual Pod Plus Coffee & Espresso Maker


  • The Instant Dual Pod Plus comes with multiple brew sizes including 12, 10, 8 oz, and K-cup; 2, 4, and 6 oz Nespresso to give you optimum flexibility
  • It has a versatile design suitable for brewing coffee and espresso at the optimum temperature of 195F
  • This espresso machine boasts adjustable brew strength to enable you to make a bolder cup of coffee, café-quality espresso, and coffee
  • Comes with a reusable pod to allow you to brew coffee from your own grounds
  • The high altitude design makes it perfect for use at 5,000 ft without any worries
  • Compatible with K-cup pods, your own ground coffee, as Nespresso capsules to ensure optimal flexibility
  • This machine is equipped with a large water reservoir measuring 68oz to help you brew several cups of coffee with each filling
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  • 1,500+ Reviews
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Brew Coffee Maker