Keurig Duo Plus Coffee Maker


  • Keurig Duo Plus Coffee Maker uses both ground coffee and k cup pods
  • A 12-cup thermal carafe and mesh reusable ground coffee filter are included with your brewer
  • Program the Keurig Duo Plus Coffee Maker to brew your coffee automatically for up to 24 hours
  • Once the brewing process is done, this coffee maker has a warming function to keep your coffee warm for up to 2 hours
  • This coffee maker is designed to heat and brew coffee in one simple process; thus, there is no need for you to wait before selecting the cup size
  • It can also pause automatically mid-brew for about 20 seconds so you can grab a cup of coffee before the whole process is finished
  • This model is versatile enough to work with both k cup pods as well as coffee grounds for you to get the most out of it
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