KKSEVENS Coffee Mug Warmer


  • If you need a flexible mug warmer that you can take wherever you go, the KKSEVENS Coffee Mug Warmer is the perfect pick
  • It is lightweight, easy to carry, and better yet, it comes with a convenient 59-inch power cord that will not get in the way of its portability
  • This warmer is designed to give you not just a warm or lukewarm coffee but very hot coffee that you have to be careful about before you take a sip
  • It has a power rating of 50W with various temperature controls to enable you to adjust the temperature according to your needs with just the press of a single button
  • And when not in use, this coffee warmer is designed to shut off automatically after 4 hours. So rest assured it is safe for you to use
  • This warmer is suitable for use with enamel, metal, ceramic, and glassware mugs. However, keep in mind that only flat-bottomed ones will have the best warming properties
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  • Buy with confidence!!
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