Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker with Tumbler and Filter


  • Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker makes refreshing iced coffee in minutes
  • It is super-durable, easy to use, and will save you tons of money making coffee at home
  • Includes reusable tumbler and coffee filter
  • Lets you brew coffee just the way you like it
  • Makes iced coffee in under 4 minutes
  • RapidChill quickly cools hot, concentrated coffee over ice, for a flavor that’s never watered down. Mr. Coffee Iced uses the ideal ratio of hot, concentrated coffee to ice, so when it cools, you get flavorful iced coffee every time
  • Drip-stop feature for less mess
  • Includes measuring scoop, tumbler and lid, straw, and reusable filter
  • 67 x 10.75 x 7.64 inches item dimension
  • Free shipping
  • 9,000+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
Brew Coffee Maker