Mug Warmer with Mug Set


  • The first sip of your coffee is hot while the rest of the sips get old over time sounds familiar? Get yourself the Mug Warmer with Mug Set
  • It has an improved design featuring two settings warm and hot to enable you to enjoy your tea or coffee at your most-preferred temperature
  • The warm setting indicates a temperature of 140 degrees F while the hot setting indicates a temperature of 104 degrees F
  • The ceramic mug included in this set is made of an aluminum alloy pad that makes it compatible with the heating pad for an excellent performance
  • This warmer features the classic black texture with a novelty wood handle that is beautiful to decorate your space while performing at its best
  • This mug warmer comes with a set of mugs at no additional cost, making it the perfect gift set for winter
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  • 700+ Reviews
  • Buy with confidence!!
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