SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker Review


  • Coffee making is a ritual, and it will let you brew authentic coffee, with enthusiasm and passion
  • At every sip, Turkish coffee will give you unfiltered balanced coffee with a pleasing aroma, a good flavor, the right sweetness
  • Cook-sense technology brews the coffee at the right temperature to give consistency and excellent taste
  • You do not need to stirrer the coffee pot because the Cook-Sense technology stops the frothing when your coffee has the perfect foam
  • Sound and light warning
  • Short brewing time
  • SAKI Turkish Coffee Maker is BPA-free
  • Easy to use with one-touch single button control
  • 4 cups capacity
  • Double spout coffee pot
  • Anti-spill technology prevents any accidental outpourings of the coffee. The smart sensor detects the boiling heat and avoids the overflow by shutting down the machine
  • Ember function that doubles your foams and gives the same taste of brewing on sand or ember
  • 8 L X 7 W X 10 H inches item dimension
  • Free shipping

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