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    How to Make Tim Hortons Iced Capps at Home?

    Make a refreshing iced cappuccino at home with this easy recipe. Blend ice cubes, coconut milk, coffee cream, and mocha in a high-speed blender. Customize with chocolate syrup or caramel. Enjoy a cool and creamy beverage on hot summer days. Save money with this affordable copycat version of Tim Horton’s iconic Iced Cappuccinos.

    What is the Iced Capp?

    The Iced Capp is a cool and refreshing coffee drink that has taken the world by storm, especially for those living in Canada! This delicious treat is made by combining brewed coffee cubes with instant coffee and vanilla syrup, then adding ice to give it a slushy texture.

    The Iced Capp is an iconic Canadian beverage with a rush of creamy and delicious espresso flavor. Beloved by generations of Canadians, it has become a national favorite. 

    Nothing compares to the unique combination of intensely rich espresso and lightly sweetened creaminess that only Tim Hortons iced capp can perfect, who has made the drink since 1987. It’s crafted with real dairy and freshly brewed espresso, offering a taste like no other.

    What ingredients are needed for Iced Capps?

    To make an iced cappuccino recipe, you will need the following ingredients:

    • Cold milk: Cold milk is an essential ingredient for an iced cappuccino, as it helps balance the strong coffee flavor and create a creamy texture. The milk instead of cream should be cold and frothy before it is added to the coffee.
    • Strong brewed coffee: Strong brewed coffee is also a key ingredient in an iced cappuccino. The coffee should be brewed, as it will provide the bold, intense flavor that is characteristic of a cappuccino. You can use freshly brewed coffee or chilled coffee brewed earlier.
    • Ice: Ice is also an important ingredient in an iced cappuccino. It helps to cool down the hot coffee and creates a refreshing and delicious drink.
    • Chocolate syrup or whipped cream for topping (Optional): For the topping, chocolate syrup or whipped cream can be used to give the iced cappuccino a sweet and decadent touch. Chocolate syrup can be drizzled over the top of the drink, while whipped cream can be added to the chocolate for an extra creamy texture.
    • Sugar or sweetener (Optional): Sugar or sweetener can also be added to an iced cappuccino to coffee taste, depending on how sweet you like your drinks. This is optional, as some people prefer their iced cappuccino to be less sweet.

    How to Make Tim Hortons Iced Capps at Home?

    Do you love iced capps from your favorite coffee shop but want to avoid paying the high prices? Then making your iced cappuccino at home is the perfect solution. With a few simple ingredients and some basic kitchen tools, you can make delicious iced capps any time you like. Below I’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect iced cappuccino at home.

    Step 01: Add all the ingredients to the blender

    Start by getting all the ingredients ready to add to the blender. All you’ll need is the cooled coffee, milk, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, vanilla syrup, and some ice cubes! To add the right flavor to your copycat iced capp, add a tablespoon of an extract of your choice, such as caramel.

    Step 02: Blend everything Well for 30 Seconds

    After adding all the ingredients and combining them, blend everything for 30 seconds. This is a vital step in making that perfect Iced Cappuccino from Homemade Tim Hortons that you’ve been missing.

    Instead of heading to the drive-through or nearest store for your favorite iced capp, you can opt for a dairy-free alternative by making this flavourful iced cap at home. Whether it’s the white sugar blend or strong espresso blend, the combination will be unbeatable.

    Step 03: Pour into a glass and enjoy

    After you’ve finished using the ingredients to make a delicious mocha iced capp, it is time to pour it into a glass and enjoy! You can use dark brown sugar instead of regular for a creamier finish.

    And even if you still need to become a coffee drinker, there’s something for everyone in this easy iced capp recipe – like Tim Hortons Vanilla Iced Capp for those that prefer flavors other than coffee.

    Or make a cold brew for those who will opt for something significantly weaker than traditional instant coffee granules. In any case, pour the concoction into your favorite glass and drink up – because now your custom-made iced mocha capp is ready to enjoy.


    All in all, making iced capps at home can be a fun and fulfilling way to enjoy caffeine-fueled summer days. From picking the best coffee beans for your desired flavor to learning the ins and outs of crafting cold foam, this recipe will easily guide you on your journey to find the perfect ice-capped recipe. With a little bit of practice, you’ll have mastered a new skill that’ll put any cafe to shame!

    Why would you not make blended iced capps in the comfort of your own home? The right ingredients and necessary tools are all you need to recreate specialty coffee drinks simply and inexpensively, giving you instant satisfaction every time. Try this unforgettable brewing adventure and unlock summertime refreshment bliss.

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