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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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    Coffee Extraction Calculator

    Coffee brewing is an art that requires precision and attention to detail. One crucial aspect of brewing great coffee is extraction – the process of dissolving and extracting flavor compounds from coffee grounds into water. However, achieving the perfect extraction can be challenging due to various factors such as coffee dose, water volume, brew time, grind size, and water temperature.

    To simplify this process and ensure consistency in every cup, coffee enthusiasts can turn to a valuable tool—the Coffee Extraction Calculator.

    Components of the Coffee Extraction Calculator:

    Input Parameters:

    1. Coffee Dose: The amount of coffee used in brewing, typically measured in grams.
    2. Water Volume: The quantity of water used in the brewing process, usually measured in milliliters or ounces.
    3. Brew Time: The duration for which the coffee grounds are in contact with water during the brewing process, typically measured in minutes.
    4. Grind Size: The particle size of the coffee grounds, affects the rate of extraction.
    5. Water Temperature: The temperature of the water used for brewing, influences the extraction process.

    Calculation Algorithm:

    1. Extraction Percentage Formula: The calculator utilizes a formula to determine the extraction percentage, which represents the proportion of coffee solubles extracted from the grounds into the water.
    2. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Calculation: TDS refers to the concentration of coffee solubles dissolved in the brewed coffee. The calculator determines TDS based on the extraction percentage and input parameters.
    3. Ideal Extraction Range Determination: The calculator guides on achieving an optimal extraction range for balanced flavor profiles, taking into account factors such as coffee dose, brew time, and grind size.


    The Coffee Extraction Calculator is implemented through a user-friendly interface, accessible online or through dedicated applications. It employs a sophisticated algorithm in the backend to process input parameters and generate results accurately.


    1. Step-by-Step Guide: Users input their desired parameters—coffee dose, water volume, brew time, grind size, and water temperature—into the calculator. The tool then calculates the extraction percentage, TDS, and provides recommendations for achieving an ideal extraction.
    2. Examples: The calculator can be applied to various brewing scenarios, including drip coffee, espresso, French press, and pour-over methods. Users can experiment with different parameters to understand their impact on flavor extraction and adjust accordingly.

    Benefits of Using the Coffee Extraction Calculator:

    1. Consistency: By providing precise calculations and recommendations, the calculator helps users achieve consistent results with every brew, eliminating guesswork and minimizing variations.
    2. Optimization of Flavor Extraction: By identifying the ideal extraction range, the calculator enables users to extract the maximum flavor from their coffee grounds, resulting in a more flavorful and satisfying cup.


    Mastering the art of coffee brewing requires attention to detail and an understanding of extraction principles. The Coffee Extraction Calculator serves as a valuable tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a systematic approach to achieving optimal flavor extraction. By harnessing the power of technology, coffee lovers can elevate their brewing experience and savor the rich flavors and aromas of their favorite beans.

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