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    Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator

    The Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator 1.1QT is a stainless-steel coffee press designed for both home and campsite use. Here’s a comprehensive review with key features and bullet points:

    Key Features:

    • Capacity: The percolator delivers six cups of hot, fresh coffee with a large capacity of 35.2 fluid ounces.
    • Construction: Made from robust stainless steel, the percolator boasts durability and a sturdy handle with a removable silicone grip for an enhanced brewing experience over an open flame.
    • Lightweight: Ideal for camping, hiking, or traveling, the stovetop coffee maker is lightweight and easy to carry without adding extra weight to your adventure gear.
    • Cool Grip: The silicone handle ensures a cool grip, preventing burns when handling the percolator over an open flame or stovetop. It also facilitates easy pouring.
    • Easy to Clean: Stanley percolators are 100% dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze both at home and on the go. The stainless-steel design allows for easy cleaning during outdoor activities.

    Customer Ratings:

    • Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars from 842 global ratings.
    • Positive Features:
      • Users appreciate the taste, ease of use, and heat produced by the coffee maker.
      • The percolator is praised for brewing delicious coffee without the handle getting hot.
      • Fast boil and the ability to make very hot coffee are highlighted by satisfied customers.
    • Negative Features:
      • Some users mention concerns about the lid’s security, advising caution during the brewing process.
      • A suggestion for improvement includes adding a spring inside the percolator to prevent lid-related issues.

    User Reviews:

    1. Mors:
      • Loves the Stanley Coffee Percolator for brewing delicious coffee.
      • Mentioned a lid security concern but overall finds the aesthetic clean and pristine.
      • Advises caution regarding the pressure from the brew potentially causing lid opening.
    2. Lo:
      • Happy with the product for camping trips.
      • Appreciates the nice coffee result, the versatility of different stoves, and the smart design.
      • The handle stays cool, and the overall quality and design are commended.
    3. Br:
      • Describes the percolator as solid, making a nice cup of coffee.
      • Advises caution with a canister stove to prevent knocking.
      • Notes the susceptibility of the design to allow grinds into the coffee.
    4. Y. Flo:
      • Considers the percolator very handy for camping.
      • Appreciates the handle staying cool during pouring.
    5. G Glover:
      • Loves the percolator for its functionality and ease of use.
      • Expresses satisfaction with the non-aluminum construction.


    The Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator receives positive feedback for its taste, ease of use, and ability to produce hot coffee. Users find it to be a reliable companion for camping trips, appreciating its lightweight design, cool grip handle, and dishwasher-safe construction. While some lid-related concerns are mentioned, the overall satisfaction with the percolator’s performance and durability makes it a recommended choice for coffee enthusiasts on the go.

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    The Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator 1.1QT is a stainless-steel coffee press designed for both home and campsite use. Here's a comprehensive review with key features and bullet points:Stanley Camp Coffee Percolator
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