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    Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee Review

    Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee is a best-selling choice for coffee lovers, boasting 4.7 out of 5 stars from 79,178 ratings. Priced at $18.45 for a 1.75-pound bag, each ounce costs approximately $0.66, making it a popular and cost-effective option.

    Key Features:

    • Popular Choice: As the #1 Best Seller in Ground Coffee, it has garnered over 79,000 positive ratings.
    • Latin American Origin: Crafted with a smooth, well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees, offering notes of cocoa and rich praline.
    • Medium Roast: A consistent and delicious cup with flavor notes of nuts, cocoa, and soft spice.
    • Versatile Brewing Options: Suitable for various brewing methods, including coffee brewers, coffee presses, pour-over, and moka pot.
    • 100% Arabica Beans: Sourced exclusively from Latin America, ensuring a unique balance of temperature and time for peak aroma, acidity, body, and flavor.

    Product Description: Starbucks Pike Place Roast is a tribute to the first Starbucks store in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. With a smooth blend of Latin American beans, it delivers a consistently delicious cup with notes of cocoa and praline. Known for its flavor notes of nuts, cocoa, and soft spice, the Latin American beans ensure a well-rounded taste and quality. The commitment to 100% Arabica beans reflects Starbucks’ dedication to providing a premium coffee experience. More than just a drink, a cup of Starbucks coffee becomes part of your daily ritual, offering a moment to savor and enjoy.

    Brewing Options:

    • Coffee Brewer: Provides a convenient way to make great coffee with the right grind and pure water.
    • Coffee Press: Retains natural oils, offering a rich consistency and full flavor.
    • Pour Over: A beautifully simple method for brewing a single cup with a clean, fully developed flavor.
    • Moka Pot: A small, affordable way to make strong coffee similar to espresso.

    Customer Reviews:

    • Positive Feedback on Performance and Taste: Customers appreciate the performance, texture, and value of the coffee, mentioning its compatibility with sweeteners, spices, and heavy whipping cream.
    • Mixed Opinions on Aroma and Freshness: Some customers express disagreement on the aroma and freshness, highlighting individual preferences.

    Selected Customer Reviews:

    1. Consumer: Praises the product for its great price and freshness, stating it tastes the same as market-purchased coffee.
    2. Ola M. Thorpe-Cooper: Commends the excellent flavor, right strength, and quick delivery, expressing satisfaction with Amazon Prime.
    3. Nick in MN: Enjoys the larger bags for cost-effectiveness, with minimal quality decline over time, making it an excellent deal.
    4. Amazon Customer: Appreciates the great flavor, noting its mild strength and the necessity of using normal filters due to the fine grind.

    Conclusion: Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee stands out as a top choice for coffee enthusiasts, backed by its best-seller status and positive customer reviews. The Latin American origin, medium roast profile, and versatility in brewing methods make it suitable for various preferences. While there are mixed opinions on aroma and freshness, the majority of customers praise its quality, taste, and overall value. For those seeking a reliable and well-rounded coffee experience, Starbucks Pike Place Roast is a consistent and satisfying option.

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    Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee stands out as a top choice for coffee enthusiasts, backed by its best-seller status and positive customer reviews.Starbucks Pike Place Roast Ground Coffee Review
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