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    How to Make Red Eye Coffee at Home

    Love red-eye coffee but can’t make it to the coffee shop? No worries! Making it at home is easy. It’s a unique blend of one espresso shot and regular drip coffee. It has a bold flavor and aroma that keeps you energized. Experiment with ratios and brewing methods to find your perfect cup. Enjoy this classic drink at home.

    What’s A Red Eye Coffee?

    A Red Eye coffee is a type of coffee drink that has evolved into the working person’s go-to pick-me-up. It’s typically made by ordering a regular drip coffee and adding a shot of espresso, hence the name “Red Eye.” This combination creates a stronger brew with more caffeine than your regular cup of joe.

    There’s a need for something stronger with more kick to get you through long days, so this type of coffee has become increasingly popular with those who need an extra boost. Adding espresso brings out bolder flavors from the roast and provides an even bigger jolt from the caffeine.

    It’s like having two cups of coffee at once! Red Eyes also offer greater versatility than your average cup as it can be customized according to one’s preference – adding cream or sugar, for example, will give it an even sweeter taste.

    How to Make Red Eye Coffee at Home

    1. Brew your coffee

    The first step of making a red eye is brewing your coffee. You want to use brewed coffee rather than normal drip coffee, as brewed coffee has more flavor and a stronger taste. To make the red-eye coffee, add one part brewed coffee to two parts brewed espresso in the cup. This is the perfect way to get that extra caffeine boost while still enjoying a high-quality flavor.

    2. Prepare your Espresso Shot

    The second step of making red-eye coffee is where the so-called ‘shot in the dark’ comes into play: steeping three espresso shots. Some may opt for a double shot, depending on the amount of coffee and espresso desired.

    The coffee beans should be ground up fresh beforehand and carefully loaded into an espresso machine one spoonful at a time. This process requires practice as multiple variables, such as water temperature and pressure, must be considered for the best results.

    3. Pour the Brewed Coffee into a tall Glass

    For the third step of brewing a delicious red-eye coffee at home, you need to Pour the Brewed Coffee into a tall Glass. It’s no secret that coffee has a reputation for containing too much caffeine. However, what separates the infamous red eye has evolved by adding even more coffee to already drip coffee. Pour the brewed coffee into your glass if you much need it to keep you up or have trouble functioning throughout the day.

    4. Now Pour the Espresso onto the Brewed coffee

    When making your red-eye coffee at home, you’re ready to pour the espresso onto your brewed coffee. This will create a distinctly robust flavor as it combines two distinct roasts of coffee, creating something that local coffee shops often use when you order a cup of “coffee with espresso added.”

    The pour should create a tantalizing and harmonious mixture, containing both the intense drip coffee and the smoothness of espresso, something like what you might find at Wellard Coffee.

    5. Add a Sweetener or other add-in to the Coffee (Optional)

    Adding a sweetener or add-in to red-eye coffee is completely optional but can give you that extra zip needed to jump-start your day. Adding just a touch of sweetener will add yet another level of complexity to your cup of java and give you enough caffeine to get through the morning.

    It could be as simple as adding steamed milk or cream, an ingredient used for cappuccino drinks, for a bit of added sweetness. Or add cinnamon, cocoa, raw sugar, or syrup are some add-ins that are available in most pantries to give the coffee its namesake color and add the perfect hint of sweetness.

    6. Give it a quick stir to Combine the Flavors, and Enjoy

    The final step of crafting your perfect cup of joe is to stir it to combine the flavors. You can opt for a single or double shot, depending on how strong you like your coffee. If you’re making regular coffee, pour the brewing liquid into your coffee cup for a quick and easy way to enjoy your morning cup.

    Red-eye coffee is a press pot brew that adds espresso directly to hot water in the same fashion as iced mochas and lattes. This traditional American beverage allows you to combine two styles of brewing into one delicious cup of hot, caffeinated goodness to take care of that all-important morning pick-me-up. Give it a quick stir, then sit back, relax, and enjoy.


    In conclusion, making red-eye coffee at home is a relatively simple yet enjoyable process. All that is required is to brew a shot of espresso and then add hot water to it until the desired strength is achieved. 

    One can further experiment and personalize the preparation by adding various types of milk, sugar, spices, or other flavorings. Once you have discovered your favorite recipe, you can continue to enjoy your cup of perfect red-eye coffee anytime.


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