How to Make an Iced Latte at Home

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If you’re looking for the perfect iced latte, look no further! There’s nothing quite like making your own iced latte at home. It not only saves you a trip to the coffee shop but also allows you to customize just about every detail of a classic iced latte.

From the strength of your espresso to the type of milk and sweetener, making an iced latte from scratch couldn’t be simpler. An iced vanilla latte is one of the most popular drinks worldwide – and with this guide, it’s easy to make one at home.

All you need is some strong coffee or espresso and some vanilla syrup! While an espresso machine isn’t necessary for making this delicious beverage, having one on hand will make whipping up the perfect iced vanilla latte even easier.

Whether looking for a refreshing drink to perk up your day or simply enjoying a simple treat – follow this guide to make a perfect iced latte right in your own kitchen.

What is an Iced Latte?

iced latte

An iced latte is more than a simple twist on the typical hot latte, it’s a complete reimagining of the traditional coffee drink. An iced latte starts with robust shots of espresso mixed with ice and milk, creating an entirely different flavor profile from what people usually expect from coffee-based drinks.

This delicious beverage blends together espresso and cold milk over ice. It can be made with either brewed coffee or a shot of espresso, depending on your preference. Making an iced latte from home is much easier than it seems and requires only a few ingredients.

Brewing coffee ahead of time and then chilling it down works best for those who prefer to make their own lattes. But for those looking for a more traditional approach, steaming up the milk and pouring shots of espresso over ice should do the trick.

This cold, creamy treat offers an energizing blend that’s perfect for hot summer days when you need to sip on something cool and satisfying. Even better, this delicious beverage gives coffee fanatics everything they enjoy about espresso without sacrificing its flavor due to hot water diluting it too much.

Starbucks has also recently introduced its own simple iced latte recipe uses and instructions, which involve combining chilled cold brew with some simple syrup, ice, and your choice of milk. An iced latte will surely refresh you, whichever route you take.

What Kind of Milk is Used for the Iced Lattee?

The type of milk you use for an iced latte can vary greatly, with one important distinction – there is no need to froth the milk before adding it to the beverage! This simple feature means that you can incorporate air into the milk just by shaking it vigorously in a jar or, quite literally, “give it a whirl” in your blender for a more light and fluffy result. Of course, if you’d like to use an almond milk frother, you are more than welcome to do so.

Some of the best milk choices for an iced latte include oat, almond, or coconut steamed milk. Whole milk is also great if you are okay with dairy or lactose products. For best results, anywhere from 8-12 ounces of milk should be used. No matter what you choose, make sure it is cold so that when added to your iced latte, it doesn’t melt cube ice and dilute the flavor.

Which is Stronger: Iced Coffee or Iced Latte?

From the classic iced coffee to a decadent iced latte, both of these hot-weather favorites are sure to delight. Where Iced Coffee uses more coffee grounds in its preparation and gives you a stronger-tasting cup, Iced Latte involves less ground coffee and is better balanced with adding milk.

To make an iced latte at home, add a few coffee ice cubes to your cup and some vanilla extract (a secret ingredient). Next, froth your milk and pour it into the mug. Sometimes these coffee recipes can be embellished with related toppings like chocolate shavings or nutmeg topping, and it’s all up to personal preference. Ultimately, each taste is different, and you may find which suits your palate better: an iced coffee or an iced latte.

Making Iced Latte by Yourself

Coffee lovers rejoice! Making iced lattes at home is easier than you think. I’ll provide you with some simple and easy steps to make an iced latte by yourself at home. With the help of these simple steps, you can make delicious iced lattes at home and save time and money.

All you need to get started are some basic ingredients, brewing equipment, and your favorite coffee beans. With the right tools, you can make cafe-style iced lattes in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Step 01: Prepare your coffee to be brewed

The first step to making an iced latte at home is to brew your coffee, preferably using espresso, as it produces the best flavor. However, some people prefer using strong coffee instead to create their own personal brew. To achieve the perfect cup of brew, ensure you never use boiling water, as this will burn off all the delicate nuances waiting to be enjoyed in that cup of coffee.

Start by heating water between 195 and 205 degrees and let it sit for a minute afterward if needed – your brew will come out nice and balanced. If you’d like a flavored iced latte, add in some sweet syrup once it’s brewed, but if you’re looking for something light and delicious on its own, remember to sweeten your brew before you combine it with milk and ice.

Step 02: Brew your coffee

To brew the perfect iced latte at home, the next step after preparing your coffee to be brewed. This can be accomplished with various methods; a French press provides excellent results, but an AeroPress, Clever Dripper, or Moka Pot also works extremely well.

For iced lattes, it’s important to brew the coffee as hot as possible, allowing it to cool down easily through the ice in later steps. Whichever brew method you choose, we suggest adding granulated sugar to a sweeter cup and pouring the espresso into your mug or glass filled with ice.

Add some flavored syrup before pouring the hot coffee on top for an even more flavorful kick. Once you’ve done that, there’s no need to worry about stirring since the cold ice will automatically give you a perfectly blended drink.

Step 03: Transfer your coffee to your cup

After your espresso has been freshly made, transfer it into the cup you’ve chosen for your iced latte. Enjoy the sound of pouring the hot espresso into the cup and watching as it settles in the bottom of your drinkware. 

Feel confident that you can make a homemade iced latte correctly, starting with properly making the espresso, then transferring it to your cup. Once this transfer is complete, add any sweeteners or syrups you’d like to amp up the flavor of your homemade iced latte and move on to step four.

Step 04: Put in the desired amount of ice

The fourth step of making an Iced Latte by yourself at home is putting in the desired amount of ice. How much is desired? You get to decide! Adding a desired amount of ice gives your desired iced latte feeling and flavor. Want an extra-cold latte?

Add a desired amount of coffee-made ice cubes; it will keep your latte colder for longer! Of course, you can put in regular cubes, too; that added crunch gives that café feeling, plus it prevents your milk from melting the ice too quickly.

Step 05: Pour your milk

The last step in making an Iced Latte is to pour your milk. You can use whole milk, almond milk, rice milk… the possibilities are endless! However, it is important to measure out 8 ounces of milk if you want the perfect ratio of coffee to milk. Pour the milk into a cup, and then froth it with a whisk or a handheld milk frother. If you don’t have one of those items handy, whip cream also works.

Pour the espresso over the ice, add in your frothy milk, and voila – you have yourself a tasty iced latte that rivals that of your local coffee shop. All for way less money than ordering out! If you like larger drinks, feel free to double or even triple the amount of espresso and increase the amount of milk accordingly to maintain balanced flavors in all your cold coffee drinks.


Making an iced latte at home is easier than it seems. With the help of this blog post, you now know how to make an iced latte at home in just a few minutes. All you need is the right guidance and ingredients, and the rest falls into place by itself. You can enjoy delicious icy drinks during the summer or when you want something to cool down your day.

Remember to experiment with new flavors and create your own for an impressive effect. You will find out that once you make this iced latte, making other varieties come naturally and quickly – plus, you get bragging rights too! So, start brewing a refreshing cup of a latte using our tips today!


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